Guide to Sleep Disorders

You’ve had a long day, you are exhausted and the only thing you want to do is put your head on your pillow and go to sleep. Experts recommend at least 8 hours of a good sleep to refresh your body and to prepare it for the next day. However, often times the plans of a restful night sleep are ruined. There are many reasons why people don’t get a good night sleep which can include music coming from a neighbor, traffic, storms and many other reasons. However, one of the most common problems are from sleeping disorders that people have to deal with. While many of the other reasons for a non-restful sleep can be overcome, sleeping disorders are generally more complicated.

There are a wide variety of sleeping disorders that people need to face in order to get a good night sleep. People have to deal with disorders such as talking in their sleep, snoring, grinding their teeth at night, insomnia and other sleep disorders. Some of these disorders can be disturbing to others such as snoring, grinding teeth and talking in sleep while others such as sleepwalking can be potentially hazardous to the sleeping person. However, all of these disorders need to be taken seriously in order for people to get a proper nights sleep.

To learn more about some of the common sleep disorders that people face, we have provided a number of useful and helpful resources. We hope you enjoy learning more about these common disorders. Feel free to read any and all of these resources:



  • Snoring Information – useful information for people who suffer from snoring.
  • Snoring Overview – informative site containing information and data on snoring.
  • Stop Snoring – helpful site containing information and useful suggestions on how to stop snoring.

Sleep Apnea

Talking in Your Sleep

  • Sleep Talking – helpful information on the common sleep disorder.
  • Sleep Talking Information – information about Somniloquy which is a disorder where people talk in their sleep.
  • Sleep Talking – overview of the disorder where people talk unknowingly while sleeping.

Grinding Teeth

  • Teeth Grinding Advice – useful site providing advice on how to stop grinding teeth.
  • Bruxism Advice – advice, suggestions and resources on the sleep disorder where people grind teeth.
  • Grinding Teeth – basic overview of the problems that are associated with grinding teeth.


Jet Lag

  • Minimize Jet Lag – useful site providing ways to minimize the effects of jet lag on people.
  • Jet Lag Information – information on jet lag and the ways that it can impact people.
  • Beating Jet Lag – basic information on possible ways to beat jet lag in travelers.

Sleeping Disorder Resources

  • Adult Sleep Disorders – information and resources pertaining to various adult sleeping disorders.
  • Sleep Problems – resourceful site outlining some of the typical problems that people have with sleeping.
  • Sleep Disorders – information on a variety of neurological disorders which affect the quality of sleep.
  • Sleep Disorders – informative site providing information and resources on a number of sleeping disorders.
  • Sleep and Sleep Disorders – resourceful collection of information and resources concerning sleep disorders.

Sleeping disorders are one of the most difficult problems that people must face. A good nights sleep is important for the health of people. Sleep disorders range from annoying problems such as snoring and jet lag, to more severe disorders such as narcolepsy. We hope that this guide provides you with a better understanding of the sleeping disorders and provide you with information on diagnosis and treatment.

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